Prize Pools

Launching this week!

Week Launch Window

We are in the final stages of testing the Prize Pools. We will unlock them any day within a week.

How it works in a nutshell
  • Participants deposit BNB
  • 25% of the pot is awarded to one winner
  • 75% goes to liquidity on Pancake Swap
Launch Status
  • Solidity Contract: Complete
  • Mainnet Deployment: In Progress
  • UI Testing: In Progress


Do not put money that you are not willing to lose
into this. We promise nothing, so expect nothing!

Please do your own research. This is an experiment. The creatures behind
this project are tired of the where the industry is headed. So, we rather be upfront
than make up some B.S. about why us, but all we can say is... why not?

You want this to moon? Then make it moon. This is your project.